Manufacturing creates consumption and dependencies while Agriculture equals creation and freedom.

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How to develop a passive income posting ads on the internet

The cost of a domain name is as little as nothing if you make some commitments to certain Internet Service providers. However the best domain names are registered. occasionally you can pick up a name that falls thru the cracks and is dropped by … Continue reading

Mets Blog: Mets magic numbers 162 games 90 wins and 72 losses (minus one)

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Favorite Your domain name

If you have a domain name chances are it’s parked which means there is no website … if you have a website chances are it’s dormant which means you are not a website designer or SEO expert.

All of this is immediately solved with a service that my company provides.

The cost is $25 monthly payable every three months.

Here is what is included.

  • Web Hosting and/or domain parking
  • Email
  • a custom built website if you don’t have one
  • management of the website including SEO
  • hand holding
  • The site is maintained on a cloud web server and everything including the server can be turned over to you if you decide to go it alone.

I’m betting you won’t want to give up such a great deal along with the personal hands on service.

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Coral Atlas

Favorite Hoodies for your aquarium.

Georgia aquarium Aquarium Hoods serve a number of purposes that may seem cosmetic but are  actually essential for maintaining a successful aquarium.

 A housing lighting can also provide for a reflective lining that amplifies the light .  Light is essential for the growth of beneficial microscopic life including plant  matter. Related equipment such as timers and switches can be hidden out of view  within a canopy that allows access using hinged flaps or covers  … front and back  for larger tanks.

 A glass cover should be a part of the hood apparatus to prevent water from  spraying onto the lighting fixture, bulbs and wires.

 The cover also serves to reduce evaporation which in the case of saltwater  aquariums results in ugly white caked salt particles along the side rims at the top  of the aquarium.

The materials that a canopy or hood can be built with are wood and/or plastic. Metal materials are not usually a good idea when there is water and electrical equipment in the mix.

Other equipment that the canopy or a hood can contain and hide from view are timers, temperature sensors, automatic electric feeders, filters and related tubes, air lines, hoses and power cords.

Given the variety of materials and colors that are available, an aquarium can be blended into the decor of any room.

Conclusion: get a hoodie for your aquarium.