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State of the Union January 21, 2018

January 21, 2018

A larger number of Americans are unhappy with the ruling party than ever before in the history of the United States of America.

Self-awareness has substantially increased and individuals are less vulnerable to bullshit and lies which is what has traditionally convinced many Americans to vote for politicians of either of the two main political parties.

The manifestation of the worst aspects of financially selected politicians is manifested in the current President of the United States.

Image 2 The Republican party has been supported and underpinned by Putin inspired sabotage and espionage for decades.

The result is an unhealthy number of ideologues in Government who support Putin’s principals of Governing. In Russia there is NO freedom of the press nor can voters elect whom they choose unimpeded by Putin.

Divide and conquer is Putin’s underlying strategy in all that he does.

The Republican President of the USA and his Republican party mirror the Putin manifesto in 2018.

The support for Russian like oligarchs and oligarchy is embedded in the recent tax bill.

The Republican party platform supports the separation of States from the Federal government in an obvious attempt to create the ‘Divided States of America”.

Self-concerned and self-interested politicians in both ruling parties can not see beyond their own reflections in the mirror. The problem is that most human beings are self-concerned, self-interested and fearful.

Image 1 Weakening federal governance and oversight allows for costly public protections to be eliminated to increase and inflate the pockets of the powerful elite who rule the USA with their financial puppet strings.

The weaknesses of the constitution of the USA have been exploited for decades in the name of conservatism using such beliefs as religion to cast doubts upon science.
Women and minorities are the victims of a flawed constitution that never really fixed itself fully.

The Republican Party (with the Russians invisible assistance) seeks to enlarge the constitutional cracks in the name of conservatism.

The dimwitted and blind allegiance to the white slave owners who authored the constitution is reinforced by conservative judges in the name of religion and totalitarian nationality.

It is only human to believe what we each want to believe but that is not intelligent.

Even so it leaves a huge crack for those like Putin to exploit.

No human beings can escape the claws of fear or selfishness.

Only as a global unified collective can ALL humans overcome the personal disease of me, me, me as well as the group disease of we, we, we which is destructively manifested in nations and religions and organizations.

There is only one perfect working value system that exists on the planet and that all humans need to dedicate their attention to protecting and improving on the planet earth.

That real value system is simply quantified in the formula V=N=L

Value equals Nature which sustains all Life.


In November 2018 we humans who are American must begin to light the pathway for all LIFE forms to a future for the planet that recognizes that V=N=L

Coral Atlas (•‿•)